About Us

We are a local Brooklyn, New York-based family business that has been buying and selling houses, month in and month out, throughout all of Brooklyn.

Along with paying more for properties than anyone else in Brooklyn we believe the key to the success of our home buying business is our belief in extending to each and every client exceptional service, fair dealing and quick turnaround.

We are real estate investors and have extensive experience in professionally assessing a property's value as well as its highest and best use in any given market. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to helping homeowners sell their property for cash, fairly and quickly.

We work with each client personally. Our everyday knowledge of the local market equips us to understand the needs of our neighbors (like you). Our clients appreciate that we can eliminate the paperwork, time, red tape, and commission required to sell a home through a real estate agent unless we can not meet your projected price. If that happens, we can list your property and find buyers who are willing to meet your price.

We are committed to honest dealings and satisfied customers.